InfraMation 2018 Keynote Speakers

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Craig Beals

The 2015 Montana Teacher of the Year, Craig Beals is host of FLIR's "Invisible Labs" series and a professional educator with an incredible enthusiasm for science, education and learning. Having also appeared on the History Channel, Craig recently received the 2016 Award for Teaching Excellence by the National Education Association.

As host of "Invisible Labs", Craig takes a look at science in a whole new light-through the power of thermal imaging! The series tackles scientific subjects like the electromagnetic spectrum, solar energy, friction and electricity - all while visualizing the energy of the invisible world around us by way of thermal technology.

See Craig in action on some of the recent episodes of FLIR's "Invisible Labs" series:


Eric Becker

Eric Becker is a conservation engineer at the World Wildlife Fund, where he researches and develops sensor-based systems to detect poachers and stop wildlife crime in protected areas in Africa and Asia. Becker also leverages advancements in the Internet of Things to find energy-efficient, low-cost technologies to solve the planet's most urgent issues. Prior to joining WWF, Becker worked as an engineering contractor for a variety of organizations, including the Air Force Research Lab, and developed both micro-air vehicles and regular-sized small unmanned aircrafts. Becker currently resides in Florida with his wife, Alisha.

Eric Becker in Kenya:


Sergeant Brian Spear

Sgt. Brian Spear has served with the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) for 24 years as a deputy, detective, and supervisor. Although Brian has had several unique assignments during his career, his most rewarding has been that of fixed wing pilot and tactical flight officer (TFO). Brian's first exposure to infrared technology was in the 1990s while serving as a TOW missile gunner in the Marine Corp Reserve. Brian has worked with three generations of FLIR sensor technology, including BSO's two new Airbus H125 helicopters equipped with FLIR 380HDc gimbals. Brian assisted with recently establishing BSO's first full-time TFO program and assisted in training a new cadre of TFOs. Brian also flies part-time for a local signals intelligence defense contractor but says he still enjoys flying for fun, especially when it's in a straight line and not just circles.

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