InfraMation 2018

World's Largest Thermal Imaging Training Experience

September 11-14, 2018

Hilton Austin — Austin, Texas

Call for Papers

InfraMation 2018 will be held in Austin, Texas, September 11-14, 2018 and we are thrilled to be heading to the "Live Music Capital of the World". Austin is known for its vibrant buzzing energy, never-ending entertainment options, and stunning outdoor settings. One thing is for sure, we will be ready to paint the town InfraRED! Join other thermal imaging experts to learn the latest thermal imaging techniques and applications, and make valuable connections!

The InfraMation 2018 Call for Papers is now open through January 9, 2018. FLIR Systems and the Infrared Training Center (ITC) are currently accepting 150-250 word abstracts of presentations and/or clinics to be delivered to InfraMation 2018 conference attendees. The audience will consist of more than 500 condition monitoring engineers, maintenance technicians, building inspectors, restoration contractors, sUAS pilots, research and science professionals, optical gas imaging specialists, and test and measurement buyers. Submit your abstract through this simple online form.

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Important Dates

  • Presentation Abstracts Due: February 5, 2018
  • Authors Learn of Acceptance to the program: March 13, 2018
  • Complete Manuscripts and InfraMation Registration Due: June 5, 2018
  • InfraMation 2016 Kicks Off: September 11, 2018

Benefits and Requirements

Why should you present at Inframation 2018?

  • Qualify for a deeply discounted conference registration fee
  • Identify yourself as an infrared thermal imaging expert in your field
  • Earn valuable certification renewal credits
  • Further validate your expertise for clients and customers
  • Expand your professional and business referral network
  • Represent your organization on a big stage
  • Publish your paper on a searchable CD that every InfraMation attendee receives

InfraMation is the leading infrared training experience in the world. As thermal imaging becomes more mainstream, early adopters such as yourself will be sought out for your extensive know-how and experience. Simply put: InfraMation is the place to get recognized!

The only "hard" requirements are that your paper be non-commercial in nature (for sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, click here) and submitted in English. Abstract approval is based on clarity, suitability, and technical merit of work.

Suggested Topic Areas

  • Buildings - Roofing Systems
  • Buildings - Water Ingress / Moisture / Remediation / Mold Testing
  • Buildings - Insulation / Air Leakage / Energy Loss
  • Buildings - Standards & Certification
  • Buildings - Pest Detection and Control
  • Condition Monitoring - Electrical Distribution - Indoor, Outdoor, Transmission, Distribution
  • Condition Monitoring - Mechanical Applications - Bearings, Gearboxes, Conveyors, Steam, Hydraulic
  • Condition Monitoring - Standards & Certification
  • Condition Monitoring - Petrochemical Applications
  • Business - Marketing/Sales/Pricing
  • Business - Program Management / Cost Avoidance / Cost Saving
  • Business - Safety
  • Research & Science Applications
  • Medical/Veterinary Applications
  • Optical Gas Imaging Applications
  • IR Report Preparation Techniques
  • NEW - Aerial Drone and UAV Applications / Techniques
  • Non-Destructive Testing - Material flaws, voids, etc.
  • Alternative / other Applications / Other Technologies

Presentation Venues and Fees/Incentives

You must choose one of the following venues for your presentation. You are allowed to submit more than one abstract if you would like to present on multiple topics in multiple venues. View sample abstract.


  • 1 1/2 or 3 hour courses (typical audience size is less than 50)
  • Lecture format that includes audience interaction and hands-on demos
  • $500 to $1000 Honorarium (based on clinic length)
  • FREE InfraMation registration and 32 certification renewal credits
View Sample Clinic Manual

General Session

  • 30-minute presentation to assembled group of attendees (typical audience size is more than 300)
  • Includes 6-minute Q & A
  • Must be comfortable with public speaking
  • Manuscript size: 1,500 - 2,500 words
  • Deeply discounted registration fee of $395 and 16 certification renewal credits
View Sample Manuscript View Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Poster Session

  • Presentations delivered simultaneously during 3-hour banquet-style event
  • Format is more informal and leads to dialogue with audience
  • Print and post your PowerPoint slides for display and discussion
  • Audience size is typically 1-10 at a time
  • Manuscript size: 1,300 - 2,300 words
  • Deeply discounted registration fee of $395 and 16 certification renewal credits
View Sample Manuscript View Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Poster Lite Session

  • Presentations delivered simultaneously during 3-hour banquet-style event
  • Key difference: no manuscript required and presentation not published in proceedings
  • Print and display PowerPoint slides for discussion in informal audience setting
  • Discounted registration fee of $695 and 8 certification renewal credits
View Sample PowerPoint Presentation



By participating in the InfraMation Thermography Application Conference and/or submitting materials, you grant the Infrared Training Center and its assignees and licensees a co-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free worldwide license to use, copy, modify, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast and distribute in any format, including without limitation audiotape, videotape, the Internet, intranets, CD-ROM, and any other technologies, whether now known or developed in the future, the materials and your presentation of the materials. You represent that you have developed and own or have acquired legal rights to the materials and thus have the authority to grant the license contained herein.

Present at InfraMation 2018 and Reap the Rewards!

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